Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Mother/Daughter Relationship Has Always Created Powerful Stories

 As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I value the opportunity to write about issues that can reach people on an emotional level.  When my characters experience heartache, abuse, loneliness, or other very real problems, I hope that the readers feel a connection and can use my work as one way of working through some of their own personal burdens.  Like many other writers, I know that my book of poetry, Pure Thoughts, and my new novel, Kendra's Pearl, have been important outlets for me.

In Kendra's Pearl, I tell the story of Kendra Haywood.  Her world is shattered before she even starts kindergarten when her dad dies in a motorcycle accident.  Kendra's mother starts on a downward spiral of depression and failed relationships and takes her daughter down with her.

Whether or not your personal story is as tragic as the one experienced by Kendra, there is no doubt that the mother and daughter relationship is almost always complicated.  The dynamics between the two has been the focus of countless books and movies.  Here are just a few that come to mind:

The Joy Luck Club -- The story of American daughters of Chinese mothers struggle to find common ground on culture and tradition.

Mommie Dearest -- Here's a classic movie (based on a book) that definitely does not fit the title!  Who can forget the famous line, "No wire hangers!"

Possessing the Secret of Joy -- Alice Walker's amazing work examines the difficult decisions that some mothers made in carrying on a tribal tradition that scarred their own daughters.

What are some stories about the unique relationship that exists between mother and daughter that really stuck with you?  Please share your thoughts in the "Comments" section.  And, I would be honored if you decide that Kendra's Pearl is a memorable book for you as well.